Blue Tees Golf Rangefinder Review

Developing the huge accomplishment of the Tour V3, Bushnell revealed certain enhancements, specifically diminishing the size by 30%. They in like manner improved the stick searcher speed and the grade pay instrument. Make an effort not to let the little size stunt you – it’s a solid, first-rate laser rangefinder that you’d be content with.

Key Features

  • Genuine for Tournament Play
  • PinSeeker with JOLT Technology
  • Precise to 1 Yard
  • Degrees 5-1,000 Yds; 400+ Yds to a Flag
  • 5X Magnification
  • Speedy Focus System
  • Stable-Grip Technology
  • multi-year compelled ensure
  • Unloading
  • The Tour V4 leaves the compartment with
  • The unit
  • Silicone protective spread
  • The hard case that you can swing from your sack
  • Cleaning material for the point of convergence

Rangefinder with Slope

The Tour V4 Shift familiarizes another way with flip the inclination pay on and off. Laser rangefinders like the Tour X by Bushnell or the Leupold GX‑4i² had stunning toned faceplates which could be cleared to impede the grade incorporate. This urges visit specialists to have the choice to tell if a player is using their inclination engaged rangefinder unlawfully. The issue is that you feasibly have 2 segments to oversee. The faceplate can go in your sack and yet it’s not hard to lose. The Tour V4 changed the inclination change to a catch as an idea in retrospect which shows the words “Slope Edition” when it’s on. The same result, anyway in one piece as opposed to two. Sharp. view website

Is the V4 the best rangefinder for the money?

The Tour V4 has been out for about a year and was assessed at about $400 when it was released. Late expenses have conveyed it to the more moderate $300 region which is unfathomable worth thinking about the rundown of abilities, Bushnell’s reputation and history of the line. On the off chance that you’re scanning for exceptional motivation at a reasonable worth, this is it.

Why it justifies obtaining

It’s genuinely decreased and fits successfully in the palm of your hand or pocket. In case size is a stress for you, the V4 is your pick

  • It shoots quickly
  • Target verifying is easier with the pin seeker
  • Water safe – okay for storm play
  • 5-1000yard region; the helpful extent of around 350 yards and you can at present watch inquiries around 700 yards
  • Why you may pass on this one
  • Intensification 5x diverges from 6-7x on additional exceptional models
  • Accuracy is 1 yard versus 1/2 yard on additional cutting-edge models

It’s pretty much nothing and light enough that it might be hard to determine – best to use two hands to adjust it

Bushnell Tour V3 versus Tour V4

  • V4 is 30% humbler
  • Included/off switch for slope control
  • Video
  • Make sure to take a gander at the video underneath from Bushnell:

Directions to Use It

The Tour V4 is outstandingly simple to use. Press the power/fire button once to turn it on. Next, go for your goal and press the basic catch and hold it until you see the partition scrutinizing in the point of convergence. After you release the fire button, the unit will normally turn back off after 30 seconds. If you experience trouble verifying on the goal while shooting the laser following 10 seconds, just release the catch and endeavour again.

How the Pinseeker Feature Works

Bushnell’s Pinseeker advancement detaches the flag from various articles, like trees behind it. Exactly when the unit sees distinctive potential concentrations in the crosshair domain, it will show an image with a floated standard in the lower-left corner. Exactly when you see this image, the partition scrutinizing is to the thing closer to you.

How the Slope Feature Works

A standard rangefinder without inclination assumes that you’re going for a target that is level with your position, so it’s not intense or downhill from you. The issue is your extreme shot will travel shorter than one at a level goal considering the way that the ball has less time to make an excursion to the goal before it hits the ground.


The Slope feature understands how a great deal of extreme or downhill your shot is and figures it out to process the real partition to your target. Who needs to do geometry on the course regardless? Very cool.

Battery Life

The Bushnell Tour V4 takes a CR-2 3-volt lithium battery. While some early rangefinders had issues with the battery life, the V4 has been represented to last 40+ rounds. Exactly when the battery is low, you’ll see “Fling” in the viewfinder screen. The manual proposes that you change the battery once at ordinary interims. I keep an extra in my golf pack if something turns out badly.

Is it Tournament Legal?

In reality. With the Slope Shift feature, you’re prepared to temperament executioner the grade incorporate while playing in rivalries.


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